Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Routine

Well, Christmas is officially over now. All the Christmas things are put away and we are back to our usual routine. Kev went back to work, Daphne went back to school. There was swimming on Wednesday. There was cooking and cleaning and trips to Wegman's. I started going to Curves. It made me feel about a million times better, so I am going to join up next week. Hooray for January.

Yesterday we woke up to a little bit of snow:
There was about an inch, I guess. Enough for Daphne to get excited about. It almost all melted by the afternoon. That's my kind of snow.

This morning, Daphne and I cooked breakfast together.
Kev got us a Williams-Sonoma cookbook for Christmas called "Cooking Together." So we did. We made cranberry cornmeal muffins (below) and mini-frittatas (pictured on Project 365).
It was fun cooking with Daphne. She even tried the frittatas. She was hell bent on not trying them because there was cheese (she won't eat "melty" cheese). But she did, and she loved them. If they cook it, they will eat it.

This afternoon Kev and I went to see True Grit, which was awesome. Jeff Bridges is always great. Crazy Heart is another really good Jeff Bridges movie that you should rent if you haven't seen it. Anyway, we took the afternoon off to see a movie. We worked really hard over the weekend cleaning the house, organizing the playroom, and doing little projects. I am happy with 2011 so far. It's been both fun and productive. Here's hoping we can keep it up.

I am off to get back to Tales of Keith Richards on my Kindle. Very entertaining. I think the rock poll closes tomorrow, so perhaps we can discuss. The voting has not surprised me. I'm trying to figure out who voted for Hank. I think it was Kev, but it could be my brother. OK...Keef awaits.

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