Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea Parties and Stuff

Well, I haven't had a lot of time to blog. It was a busy COLD COLD weekend. Since it was so cold, we spent a lot of time at home having tea parties:

and rocking out in the attic on the new drums:

Daphne got a little stir crazy, and started doing weird stuff like sitting in a plastic bin playing a keyboard

and taping stuff to her head:

Yesterday, we were supposed to get out othe house and go to breakfast for my dad's birthday. We were going to a place called Eggspectations. I was eggscited. But Daphne woke up Sunday and flopped around on the floor wimpering about having a tummy ache. So we didn't get to go. Luckily, Daphne's tummy ache went away, and we took a short walk around town, ending at the coffee shop. It was good to get out.

In other news, Kev and I hung up some pictures:

And we made some actual progress towards choosing paint colors. So maybe we'll get the house to look homey sooner than later.

We watched Inception on Saturday night. It was interesting, but not as great as I expected from all the hype. Lately, the movies we've seen have been sort of dark or violent or "smart." I could really go for a nice no-brainer kind of movie with a happy ending next.

Also, American Idol started last week, and if you read this, you know I am not ashamed to say I love American Idol. I was all set to hate it this season. In spite of my past Super-Fan status with Aerosmith, I thought Steven Tyler would be terrible. The last time I saw an interview with him was about three years ago on Henry Rollins' show, and he could not put together a clear sentence. He talked for about 10 minutes and didn't say a single thing that made sense. But, I have to say, he is actually pretty good on American Idol. So is Jennifer Lopez. I am surprised. I haven't missed Simon at all. But, the season is young, so we'll see what happens.

OK. Nap time. We'll see if it takes today. I hope so, because I want to play with the WiiFit. I need to improve my penguin score.

Grits talk and a new poll coming soon.


Gye Greene said...

Neat-o keyboard.

Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. You'll either love it or completely not "get" it. Violent -- but in a cartoony way.

Also: The Shadow, with Alec Baldwin. Sadly underrated.


Gye Greene said...

Also: Great pic of the D-Girl drumming.