Monday, November 12, 2012

More Thanksgiving

I was dragged kicking and screaming into the whole Girl Scout Leadering thing.  I didn't want to do it.  I wanted to help someone else do it.  But no one else wanted to do it either, so I finally agreed.  At first, there was a lot of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed and inadequate, but I am SO thankful now to be in this position.  I love working with my troop.  I have great kids and great parents who are always willing to help out.  I have great co-leaders who have awesome ideas.  And together, we've had so many opportunities for fun and service that might not have otherwise come up.  This week, the girls made cards (above) and collected items for victims of Hurricane Sandy up in New York.  The cards were so sweet and thoughtful, and my car was completely full of donations.  I honestly think these girls enjoy the "helping others" part of scouting as much as they enjoy the "fun for me" stuff, which there is plenty of.  Saturday, we took them to an afternoon of camping activities.  They hiked, and made soap, and played games, and sang songs, and learned about cooking on a campfire, and lit matches, and made S'MORES!

And they also got to work together to make a troop flag, just in time to carry it in the Christmas parade next month.  Pictures like this make me happy.  Little hands, working together:

Through being the troop leader, I have met some great people that I might not have otherwise crossed paths with, and they have introduced me to more people I may not have met, and I have made some really good friends.  I got to spend a night out in DC with 6 of them on Saturday, and it was so much fun.  Awesome Greek food (flaming cheese!!!), great company, lots of laughing until I was crying.  And we got to stay in a beautiful brownstone on Capitol Hill. Quite an adventure.  I am so thankful for the friends I've made here.  And I am thankful that Kev encourages me to go out and have fun, and is willing and able to watch Daphne so I can.

Back at home, I spent Sunday with Kev and Daphne, working on her turkey art project for school.  All the kids got a blank turkey and were instructed to work as a family to create something.  Daphne decided to go with a "Disco Turkey."  He is in disguise so no one will eat him for Thanksgiving.  In real life, Daphne refuses to eat turkey for Thanksgiving.  Last year's Kindergarten unit on turkeys made her too sad to ever eat it again.  She has ham instead.  (Yeah, I know.)  I am thankful, though, for Daphne's kind heart. 

Today, Daphne is home sick.  I think maybe we'll have some hot chocolate and watch a movie.  We could both use a little down time.  Maybe I'll get some knitting done.

PS:  Go here for awesome Greek food!

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Gye Greene said...

Disco turkey: That is excellent on many, many levels.