Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Thanks

I love this picture.  Daphne and Kev were playing "We Three Kings" over the weekend.  We stopped Daphne's piano lessons when school started, but I think we may go back after the holidays.  Listening to them play Christmas songs together makes me really happy.

Daphne got to go spend the night in Manassas on Saturday.  She had a great time, and I am thankful that she can do that once in a while.  Meanwhile, Kev and I got most of our Christmas shopping done, went ice-skating, and had dinner at Clyde's while she was gone.  I am thankful that I didn't fall down, and for braised short rib cannelloni.  And for a nice relaxing evening with Kev. So relaxing that I kept falling asleep.  Sorry, Kev.

Yesterday, I got to have my mom's spaghetti (see list below) and hang out with my family for a little while.  I'm looking forward to going back there on Thursday for the Best Meal of the Year.  It will also be Scout's first birthday!

Today and tomorrow, I am babysitting.  For a 10-month-old.  From 7:45 to 4:00.  It is fun, but tiring, and I am thankful that Daphne is six.  I am also thankful that 10-month-olds take naps.  And that there is still some minestrone left over from last week, so I don't have to cook tonight.

Well, I think nap time is over.  Happy Monday!

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