Monday, June 03, 2013

How to Turn Daisies into Brownies

 1.  Spend a lot of time searching Pinterest and doing fun arts and crafts projects at your house.  Because seriously, cleaning the bathroom can wait.

2.  Find a whole bunch of left-over glasses from your wedding in the garage, decorate them with hot glue and brown ribbon, and buy a flower for each girl.

3.  Find a bridge.  Decorate it with balloons to make it all fancy.

4.  Spend a meeting making rainbow decorations, and hang them up in the Bridging Ceremony place. To make it all fancy.

5.  Make sure everyone's tunic is looking spiffy.

6.  Invite the grandparents.  They love this kind of stuff.  (G-Pa has a purse!  Hahaha!)

7.  Shake their hands one by one, and send them over the bridge.

8.  Give a speech about your awesome troop.  Try not to cry.  Cry anyway.

9.  Pose with your cool kid, who is now a Brownie!

10.  Hire a good photographer (Thanks, Kev!), and party like a Brownie troop!


jilly donuts said...

Love your pictures, all the rainbows, your speech, EVERYTHING!! We are the luckiest troop ever with you as our fearless leader. Thank you for all you do.

It was all just...perfect!

Gye Greene said...


And, love the wooden picture frame.


Volunteer Americans said...

Love your blog! And really loved that amazing day you put together for the girls. It is a day they will always remember.

Thanks for all that you do for them!

Kris D. said...

This is great! What did your Daisies write on the rainbows? Something about what they enjoyed most about being a Daisy? I love the idea - I'd like my troop to make those decorations, too.

Tara said...

They wrote a memory on each rainbow strip - something they enjoyed from their 2 Daisy years - and then on the cloud they wrote something they hope to do as Brownies They enjoyed it, and the rainbows looks pretty blowing in the breeze at the ceremony.