Thursday, June 13, 2013


I am grouchy today.  I stayed home all morning because it was supposed to storm, but it didn't.  So, now it's too hot out to go run errands.  It's too hot and that makes me cranky.  And there is all this STUFF everywhere in my house and that makes me cranky too.  I want to get a giant box and just start throwing stuff away.  We cleaned Daphne's room this morning when it was supposed to be storming, but there is nowhere to put things.  Her book shelves are completely full and she refuses to get rid of any to make room for new ones.  All the STUFF is taking over.  And I finished my book and that makes me cranky.  I was reading The Stand which is 1100 pages so you'd think it would have lasted longer but now I'm finished and I can't find anything to read and I don't want to start my book group book yet because I'll forget it by September if I read it now.  The Stand was both GREAT and UNSATISFYING at the same time.  Did I mention that it's hot?  Summer is my least favorite.

Here are the good things about summer:
  • Hanging out with Daphne (when she isn't cranky) (or whining).
  • Berries.
  • Vacations
That's all I can think of right now. Wait...
  • Iced coffee
Um...Yeah, that's it.

I really just need to find a solution to all the STUFF.  Then I will feel better.  It is dragging me down.


The best thing about summer is that fall is next.  Bring it on.


jilly donuts said...

That opening picture is perfect.

Gye Greene said...

I hear ya, regarding summer.

FWIW, I am freezing cold right now: I'm in the kitchen, it's 2am, and it's winter for us. We're at a lattitude where "winter" is pretty mild -- but because of that, no one around here has central heating. So there's no good way to heat up the house.