Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Well, Daphne's birthday season has finally come to an end, but not before several days in a row of Fun Overload.  

When I left off on my last post, it was the last day of school and I was on my way to get a pedicure.  My last little Mommy Time treat.  But, as the lady was painting my final toenail, my phone rang.  It was the school nurse.  Guess who didn't make it through the last day of school.  Nothing was wrong, really.  Daphne had a belly ache, probably due to eating 100 year old circus peanuts.  So, she came home a few hours early, and summer break began.

On Friday, she was feeling back to normal, so she went to a friend's house and played in the rain.  And the mud.  Then, there were pancakes.  This was possibly the Best Day Ever.  Summer Break!  Woo hoo!

When she got home, she took a much needed shower and we did a little sewing - sleeping bags for 4 American Girl dolls (Modeled above by Molly).  An easy project - rectangles and straight lines.  But the fabric was thick, and my machine didn't like that.  By the end of the afternoon, it was making some pretty bad noises.  Hopefully it only needs a little oil and a new needle.

On Saturday, we wrapped up our Girl Scout year with a swimming and sundae party at another friend's house.  It was, according to the girls,  SO. MUCH. FUN. They swam and swam and swam and ate ice cream and swam some more.  I got an awesome farmer tan.  I look ridiculous. I have SLEEVES.  But it's fading.  Anyway, the whole troop was there, including our two new recruits.  We are going to have a blast in Brownies.

On Sunday, Birthday Season continued with a celebration at G-Ma, G-Pa, and Uncle Jeff's.  Daphne got another American Girl Doll to be Molly's friend.  This one is a Just Like Me doll, and it does look pretty much Just Like Daphne.

I thought she would name her "Daphne II," but she named her "Emily" after Molly's friend in the book series.

Chief and Scout look a little Just Like Daphne, too:

 From Uncle Jeff, Daphne got some new books and a three pound bag of candy.  Thanks, Jeff.

Plus she got a cool Razor scooter, and immediately wiped out and skinned both knees.

But she didn't cry.

I guess it isn't really summer until you have played in the mud and skinned both your knees.

On Monday, Daphne had her first sleep-over.  Since we didn't have a giant birthday party, she had three of her buddies from school (and their dolls) over for hot dogs, s'mores, a movie, and a camp-out in the attic.

We gave out the aforementioned sleeping bags in lieu of goodie bags.  The girls had fun and got along well.  Arguing and pranks were kept to a minimum, and everyone was asleep by 12:30 or so. It was requested by one of our guests that we do this EVERY WEEK!  Um, no.  But I'd do it again.  In a few months, maybe.  It really wasn't so bad.

Yesterday, we just kind of recovered.  We hung out in PJs and read books on the couch and ordered Chinese food.  Today, we got back to the business of running the house.  Laundry and groceries and so forth.  Daphne is being good and helpful, which is nice.  We're off to a good start this summer, which is good because it's an extra long summer this year.

Well, the dryer is beeping at me, which means it's time to change the laundry.  Back to work.

I hope you had a good birthday, Daphne.  You are suddenly seven, a second grader, and a Brownie who can ride a two-wheeler and have sleep-overs.  What the heck happened to my little girl?  Well, I am proud of my BIG girl and I'm glad we have the whole summer ahead of us.  Now, let's get back to it!  I think today I'll teach you all about the joys of doing laundry...


mroden said...

I LOVED Encyclopedia Brown as a child!!! I could never get Henry and Emma to appreciate them as much as I did. Henry read a few just to appease me but he didn't love them like I did. I'm hope Daphne will like them!!!

Tara said...

I loved them too, Michelle. And so does Daphne. She gets so excited when she can solve one without peeking!

jilly donuts said...

LOVE this!! Doll sleeping bags are adorable. Sounds like Daphne had a great 7th!

Gye Greene said...

Encyclopedia Brown!!! :)