Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Good Birthday is in the Books

The day started with balloons.  The kids in class sang "Happy Birthday" to Daphne, and they said her name on the morning announcements at school.  I brought her a corn dog from Melt for lunch.  Kev came home early.  There was ginger ale, tacos, and ice cream cake from Dairy Queen on the porch. There was mail and phone calls.  And gifts.  A good day for sure.  In spite of all my fretting about not being prepared.

While we were on the porch, I asked Daphne if there was any new food she wanted to try now that she is seven.  "Circus Peanuts," she said.  Emphatically.  Sigh.

Daphne is obsessed with circus peanuts, also known as the worst candy in the history of candy.  Every time we go through the line at JoAnn Fabrics, which is as far as I know the only place you can get circus peanuts, Daphne begs for them.  I try to explain to her that they are terrible.  It hurts my teeth just thinking about them.  And I've always been a little creeped out by them since my friend Bryce told me he dreamed that a winged army of circus peanuts was chasing him, like the monkeys on the Wizard of Oz.  Circus peanuts are bad.  But Daphne has always wanted them, so we hid some on the porch for her birthday because I knew that's what she would say when I asked her about trying a new food.

Here is what happened:

Circus Peanut Joy.

We make dreams come true in this family.

The circus peanuts in this particular bag were hard as rocks.  They had probably been sitting there at JoAnn since the day it opened, because let's face it, NOBODY likes circus peanuts.  Except my kid, who loved every bite. A very special birthday indeed.

Daphne also got a "detective costume" which is really just a trench coat we found on Amazon.  Ready for a summer of mysteries.

Today is the last day of school and I am going to get a pedicure because it is my last chance.  We have a busy weekend planned, but soon we'll be putting on the brakes and getting back to slow.  I am ready.


Kathy said...

I enjoyed this immensely! Glad your dreams came true, Daphne! Happy Birthday! Love Aunt Kathy

jilly donuts said...

LOVE this!! Circus peanuts are disgusting. Happy Happy Birthday, Daphne.

Gye Greene said...

Having the circus peanuts stashed: You are a TRICKY, tricky mommy. Nicely played. :)