Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Isn't Slow

Last time I blogged a blog, I was cranky.  This is part of the reason.

There is just all this STUFF everywhere and I feel like I'm drowning in it.  Daphne just had a birthday and there is no place to put her new stuff because there is all this old stuff. 

Meanwhile, here is my knitting bag which has been untouched for months.  Sad.

But, we are slowly trying to make a dent in the mess.  It will take time.  But I am less cranky.  A little.  And there was a bright spot today when Daphne got into the spirit of things by making a donation pile.  Not a very big pile, but it was a big step for our little potential future hoarder.

Summer so far has been mostly about swimming lessons.  This week, we also went to pilates, went to a library program about fossils, hosted a summer camp meeting, and went to visit G-Ma, G-Pa, Uncle Jeff, and the good puppies in Manassas.  Kev and I went out Friday night to see the new Superman movie which was terrible, but that's another post.

We took some time to hang out at home a little during Father's Day weekend.  Daphne tried out her new Sno-Cone Maker:

And for Father's Day, she made Kev a fishing game.  Each fish has a paper clip on it.  She made a fishing pole with a magnet on the end, and when you catch a fish, you do the activity on the back (play a game, read a book, go out to lunch, take a walk, etc.).  She saw this idea in a magazine and did the whole thing by herself.  Kev loved it.

She also made him breakfast -  a yogurt parfait in a beer glass.

This weekend, I went to the mall with Kev to get some new clothes.  We went to lunch with my mom and dad, and this morning we went to breakfast to celebrate a good final report card.  I had LOBSTER GRITS!  This afternoon, we are going to a roller skating birthday party.  And tomorrow, we start all over again with more swimming and play dates and cleaning and stuff.  I will be ready for a vacation soon.  A vacation from summer vacation. 

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