Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Fat Tuesday, Indeed

Last week, we thought we missed Mardi Gras, so when we realized it was actually THIS week, we made a plan.  As it turned out, yesterday was not only Mardi Gras, but also National Pancake Day AND a snow day.  Um...there was a lot of eating.

First stop, IHOP.  IHOP was giving away free short stacks all day for National Pancake Day, and since Daphne was off from school, I took her and a friend so we could take advantage.  FREE PANCAKES!  I couldn't say no to that!

In the afternoon, Daphne and her friend had band practice while I made pie.  I was treated to a "Rock Drumers" concert.  It was awesome.

Then, it was time to prepare Mardi Gras dinnner.  This gave me a chance to use my Christmas Grits.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Dinner was roasted asparagus with balsamic vinegar, and parmesan for the people who like melty cheese.

And shrimp and grits with bacon.  

We all wore some beads, and Kev put on an appropriate Mardi Gras Dinner soundtrack:

Daphne decorated the table with feathers and sparkly pompoms, and she even ate some grits!  I had to leave the cheese out of hers, but that's OK.  She ate grits!  And she liked them!

And then, there was pie.  Delicious New Orleans Lemon Ice Box Pie with pecan graham cracker crust and vanilla whipped cream.

When you start a day with free pancakes and end it with pie, I'd say that's a pretty Fat Tuesday.


Today, there is a 2 hour delay, but Daphne is headed to school soon.  I have errands to do, and I'd like to go burn off a few Mardi Gras calories at the rec center.  Staying home can only lead to eating leftover pie.

I forgot to mention that I have to go back to the dentist on Friday to get my top two wisdom teeth pulled.  I had a feeling that it was wisdom teeth causing all these problems.  I'm not even scared.  Just ready to get these teeth out and stop having a constant headache.  Plus, I hear there will be ice cream during the recovery process.

In happier news, tomorrow night Kev and I are going to see Tab Benoit, a cool New Orleans blues guitar player/singer.  I can't wait.  The tickets were a Christmas gift.  It's going to be a good show.

And in bird news (!), we saw a yellow-rumped warbler through the kitchen window the other day.  A new bird to add to my list!  Yesterday, I saw a ruby crowned kinglet.  Not new, but I haven't seen one since Texas, so it was a nice treat.  I guess it's migration.  You never know what you might see if you just pay attention.

OK, off to get Daphne on the bus if I can get her to turn off the Wii.  I hope you enjoyed your Tuesday, no matter how fat it was.

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