Monday, March 10, 2014

Wisdom Teeth Weekend

Weird weather.  Big piles of snow still on the ground, but Saturday it was nice enough to play outside.  With no jacket!  Yesterday it was chilly again, and today it will be 67.  Thursday, it will only be 39.  And there is a possibility of more snow next week.  I just want to put away all the boots and coats and see some flowers, or anything that isn't gray-ish.

On Sunday, Daphne built a new robot with Kev.  It's the black one in the middle.  It's a lot like a roomba, only it sadly doesn't vaccuum the floors.  But it's a lot of fun to play with.  His name is Scooter.  Walker, Texas Robot (left) is happy to have a friend.  I am happy to have pets that don't chew or shed.  Daphne loves building robots.  She is headed down a very inventor-y path.  I saw this on the wall at school last Thursday, so I took a picture:  

Dream big, Peanut!

I was at school Thursday because it was Brownie day.  It was a pretty fun meeting.  As a prep activity for our Painting badge, I had the girls do some collaborative art.  They each started by drawing a circle on their own paper, then rotated around and added to each other's pictures.

We put them all together and ended up with this, which I love:

Some of the girls had a difficult time with the whole idea of collaborating.  But I think it was good for them.  Hopefully, they liked it when they saw the finished project.  We'll be doing something similar with paint later in the year.  I am curious to see what happens.

They also got to learn how to clean a hamster cage.  I think they liked that better than the art.

Later on Thursday, Kev and I had a Big Night Out.  We got a sitter.  On a school night.  It was a big deal.  First, we went to dinner at Jaleo in Arlington.  I think Jaleo might be my favorite restaurant.  And I think Jose Andres might be my favorite chef.  Every single bite of food we had was fantastic.  I love tapas, because you get a lot of different things to try.  This time, we had a cheese plate, wild mushroom risotto, seared scallops with butternut squash puree, chorizo with mashed potatoes, and some amazing fried eggplants with honey, which were like little donuts.  So good.  

Then, we went to the Birchmere in Alexandria for the Tab Benoit show, which was a Christmas gift from Kev.  Awesome show.  I love Tab Benoit- King of the Stink Face.  Not only is his music great, but he is also really really funny.  Just about every third word out of his mouth is "y'all."  So nice to hear that accent...I miss it.  Anyway, thanks to Kev for a great night out.  We needed it!

And it was perfect timing, because the next morning - DUHN DUHN DUUUUUHN - I got my wisdom teeth out.

I wore the "bravery bracelet" that Daphne gave me, and went in there and got it done.  No big deal at all (thanks to a REALLY good dentist and a healthy dose of nitrous oxide).  

For the last few days, meals have looked a lot like this:

I did work in some cheesy grits on Saturday night, and yesterday I made some wild mushroom risotto, which was ALMOST as good as Jaleo (in my opinion).  Not quite, but close.  And Daphne LOVED it, so that's good.  A new food to add to the rotation.

I love having these teeth gone.  I haven't had a single headache since they came out, and before I was having them almost every day for about a month.  Also, liquid diets are gluten free, so I didn't have a stomache ache all weekend either.  Two teeth gone, and feeling good!  I had some toast this morning -the first thing I've realy had to chew - and that worked out OK.  I am craving something really crunchy, though, like a taco.  Maybe later in the week.  Slow and steady.

Off to the grocery store today, and then laundry, and then hopefully back to the awesome book I am reading, which I will tell you about next time.  One of the best books I've read in a long time. 

Ooh...I bet I can have a donut at Wegmans!  Those are soft!  See you later!

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