Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Preview

Thursday was the first day of Spring.  And it was actually pretty spring-y!  So, the girls in the Brownie troop made bird feeders, and ours was visited frequently by some neighborhood chickadees until it was stolen by a squirrel.

Only three days before, it looked like this:

The birds were a welcome sight.

Friday night, we went roller skating.  It was so so SO much fun.  Sorry to say there are no pictures.  Daphne hasn't had much experience, but she got the hang of it by the time we left and is ready to go again.  I am too.  Next time, I'm bringing my own skates.  I think I might even put pompoms on them.

Saturday, it was extra spring-y, so we walked to Shoes for breakfast.

Then, we rode our bikes to the winery for lunch.

We were joined by a bluebird, who was also happy about the weather.

Daphne and Kev played frisbee while I watched the birds.

Then, Daphne found a stick.  Few things make her happier than digging in dirt with sticks.

You pretty much can't get any more spring-y than a pogo stick.

Then yesterday, it was back to being cold.  So we did some crafts and went to DQ.

Guess what it's going to do tomorrow?

I'm thankful for our little weekend taste of spring.  Soon it will be here to stay for a little while.  I am ready.

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