Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pictures of Food

Kev said that all of my pictures are of food.  Kev is an exaggerator.  But, I guess it's true that a LOT of my pictures are of food.  I can't help it.  Being the family chef is one of the biggest parts of my job, so food is often the biggest thing that happens during my day.  Nobody wants to see pictures of laundry.

Anyway, rather than bogging down this blog with pictures of food, I have decided to attempt to go back to writing in a separate blog, just for food and cooking and food-related stories.  I hope I can keep it up, because it is a very useful thing when I'm trying to plan meals around here.  So, if you are interested in knowing what that delicious looking stuff is in the picture above, please go over to the sidebar and click on the "What We Ate" link.  Or stay tuned here for pictures of Other Stuff.

1 comment:

Gye Greene said...

Eh -- I don't have a problem with pictures of food. :)