Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pogo Sticks, Martians, and Big Leprechaun Plans

Well, Daphne reached a milestone yesterday when she figured out her pogo stick.  She got it last year for her birthday, but wasn't heavy enough then to activate the springs.  Yesterday, it was actuually nice outside, so she decided to give it a shot.  Check out that look of determination in the photo above!  It took about five minutes for her to get the hang of it.  Her pogo stick record so far is 24 jumps.  She was so proud!

I had a pogo stick when I was a kid.  I loved that thing.  I would go up and down the sidewalk on it.  I could jump and jump for infinity and not fall off.  I had some stilts, too, that I was pretty OK at.  If only I'd had a unicycle to complete the trifecta.  It's never too late, I guess!  

Here is the book I was talking about yeterday.  I just finished reading it.  The basic premise is that an astronaut on a Mars mission is thought to be dead and is left behind on the planet by his crew.  He isn't dead at all, and has to survive all alone. On Mars.  So cool.  

It was absolutely fantastic.  I couldn't put it down.  Maybe it helped that I am a total space program nerd.  It definitely helped that I have some inside knowledge from Kev about how NASA operates.  I didn't totally understand all the science, but that didn't matter because the story was so captivating and the characters were so great.  Anyone who liked Apollo 13 or Gravity will love this book.  It's funny, smart, and terrifying all at the same time.  Best book I've read in a long long time.  I am sad that it's over, but happy to know that there is a possible movie in the works.  Please do it justice, Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Daphne is working on a "Leprechaun House."

It's in the early stages now, but I will tell you there are plans to install a clay toilet.  With pipes.  We don't do anything half-way around here!

Daphne had this big idea that, rather than building a trap this year, she would instead build the leprechaun a really super nice house.  She has drawings and plans and everything.  Her theory is that if she is NICE to the leprechaun rather than trying to TRAP him, he will be happy and leave her more gold and stuff.  I am hoping this works. I could use some gold coins.  I am also hoping that the leprechaun will be SO pleased that he will NOT dump out all the stuffed animals and turn over the furniture this year.  I will show you the house when it's all done, and report back on the success or failure of Daphne's strategy.

In wisdom teeth news, I am going to try to eat some potato chips today.  Wish me luck.

Off to start my Tuesday!

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