Monday, November 12, 2007

Last Night, We Heard This Sound...


So, we were sitting on the couch last night, getting Daphne ready for her bedtime story, when I heard the sound. "SSSSSHHHHH," I said to Kev and the Peanut. "Could it be?" I though to myself?

The sound was pretty far off in the distance. Very faint. Oh, how I wanted it to be an owl! But I was pretty sure it was some other bird or nighttime critter.

I went out to the porch to investigate, heard the sound once more even farther away. And then it was gone.

So, the only way to find out was to get out my trusty Bird Songs book and listen to every owl in it. And after being disappointed by several owl options, I finally turned to the Eastern Screech Owl's page and typed in his number, 132. Within seconds, I had my answer.

I have finally heard an owl. A real in-the-wild owl. Not a captive owl. Not a dream owl. Not an osprey or a sister-in-law pretending to be an owl. A real bonafide owl. The happiness I felt cannot be described, but perhaps those of you who know me understand what this means.

Now, I just need to SEE one.

No Happy Monday picture can beat that today.

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Julie said...

where are you?