Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hard Times in Big D

So, one minute, you're sitting there basking in the post-Christmas glow, knitting a sock monkey scarf, and putting Vicks Vaporub on your feet, and the next minute, you're shocked back into reality by the dropping of this bomb: due to circumstances beyond our control, Kev only has four weeks left at his current job.


So, now what?

Over the next few weeks, tough decisions will have to be made. I don't like tough decisions. I don't even like easy decisions. I struggle with what to have for lunch every day!

So, I am trying to stay positive and look at this as an OPPORTUNITY, but I'll tell you honestly, our house has been the House of Blues for the last few days. Thank God for Daphne, who keeps us entertained constantly. Keep a good thought for us, and I will keep you posted as things progress.

And in case you've been wondering, the Vicks thing helped a little, but not a lot. Other people still swear by it though, so next time I'll try using some Vicks from THIS century.


Gye Greene said...

Does it have to be Vicks brand - or can it be ANY menthol rub?

Suckage to hear about Kev's job loss. (Layoff? Company exploded? You can e-mail me off-list.)

Good luck with all that. What a pleasant "happy new year"...


Corter said...

:( Hang in there; things have a way of working out!