Friday, July 24, 2009

I Want to Ride my Bicycle, I Want to Ride my Bike...

This is a picture of my bike. I love my bike. Yesterday, Kevin got home from work early. I needed a few things from the store for dinner, so I rode my bike to Safeway while he stayed home with the Peanut. It was fun. The only bad thing that happened was dropping a baguette out of my shopping bag in the driveway. Fortuantely, it landed upright, leaning against the car, so I just had to cut off both ends. It was still good in the middle where it didn't touch anything.

Two of my friends from home are planning to do a big 7-day bike ride across Iowa next summer. It is called RAGBRAI. Last night I got kind of excited about it and thought about maybe seeing if I could join them. Then, about 5 minutes into my research, I came across an article called "Iowa is not necessarily flat." Strike one. And it takes place during the hottest part of summer, for some crazy reason. Hmmm. Yeah, I don't think this is the adventure for me. Plus, I don't think mine is the kind of bike that is designed for long distance riding on not-necessarily-flat terrain in the heat of summer. The serious cyclists would probably frown upon my kick-stand, pedal brake, and swoopy handle bars, and be annoyed by my happy little bell that chimes "DING-DONG," sounding much more like "Avon calling!" than "Passing on your left." I wouldn't want to embarrass my friends. I will have to see if there is some sort of "bike across Rhode Island" event in April or September or something. I have never been to Rhode Island. I wonder if it's flat.

Anyway, I would like to spend more time riding my bike. I have become sort of obsessed with this website. They have awesome bike accessories, including the pannier in my previous post and helmets that look like regular hats and are actually cool. Why didn't I think of that?! What a great idea. All the good ones are taken. And most of the bad ones, too. Have you heard about Squeez-Bacon? Good grief.

Update: Rhode Island is described as "rough and hilly." Back to square one.

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Bleach said...

I just had a fantastic mental image of 1000+ cyclists riding by in their helmets and spandex. Then, here you come on your bike with a basket full of flowers. Good times.