Wednesday, July 08, 2009


So, this is what was in those boxes. For my birthday, which isn't actually until August, Kev decided to help me make the porch a happy place. He finished the assembly this morning. Tonight, we'll be having dinner outside. Slowly but surely, the house is becoming a home. Thanks, Kev.

On a sorta related note, we are taunted each evening on this very porch by the ice cream truck. It never ever comes down our street or the cul de sac during the day, playing it's happy little song and spreading joy to the children (and some grown-ups) of the neighborhood. But every night at about 9:30, when Kevin and I are sitting on the porch after we put Daphne to bed, it drives by, lights and music off, probably on its way home from a day of spreading joy to OTHER people's neighborhoods. "No ice cream for YOU," it seems to say. We have considered setting up a road block. I need to figure out who I can call to remedy this terribly cruel situation.

Oh well, I may not be able to have a chocolate banana bomb pop on the porch, but at least I'll be lounging ice-cream-less in style.


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Nice seats. :)

Yep - homey.