Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tally Ho!

So, today is Thursday, and our Thursday adventure is a walk with some neighbors to the Tally Ho to see Hotel for Dogs. I wish they would leave some lights on in the theater so I could read or knit, because I am pretty sure this is going to be a terrible movie for adults. But, it should be fun for the kids, and there will be popcorn, so it's all good. I think they're having the Muppet Movie in a couple weeks, and I'm really looking forward to that. Hooray for the Tally Ho for having these kid summer movies. It's a good cheap way to spend a morning.

On a completely different note: I am sure that all of you readers of this blog (and by all, I pretty much mean my mom and occasionally Kevin) have been on the edges of your proverbial seats wondering whatever happened in the hydrangea drying experiment. Well, here's your answer:

They are still pretty, but they shrivelled up to next to nothing. The ones on the internet were a lot bigger, so I'm not sure what I did wrong. Yesterday, I went out and cut another one from a different plant. These flowers are much larger to begin with, so we'll see what happens when they dry:

We had dinner on the porch last night on the new furniture. It was delightful. Until the Yard Guard wore off and the mosquitos found us. It's so nice in the mornings and evenings here, even when it's really hot during the day. If I could just find the magical mosquito solution, summer would no longer be on my list of Things I am Against.
Ok, time to pack Daphne's backpack for the movies. Would it be rude movie behavior to pack my Itty Bitty Book Light?


Julie said...

it is cute- we own it now- g saw it in the theatre a couple times- :)

Gye Greene said...

Well, they still look good in the pot.