Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Little Show and Tell

Daphne finally painted a picture of me (above), so now we have the whole family in water color. I will have to scan it in to get the color right, and then have put it on a coffee cup or something. I love it.

Below is the frame that Daphne got to make at her Under the Sea class. I will admit I was jealous that I didn't get to make one too. Perhaps a trip to Michaels is in order.

Here is some stuff from the garden that I made into a face:

We didn't plant anything I like to eat, so I had to find something to do with it. We have more cukes and tomatoes than Kev and Daphne can possibly ever eat, so I am going to have to do some research into making DIY cucumber facial masks or something.
Someday, I would like to put this pannier on my bike:

And ride it around town while wearing this dress:

Today we went to the library. I am beginning to think that Daphne is incapable of walking anywhere like a normal person. She either has to hop, run ahead, or poke along behind picking up rocks or leaves or whatever looks interesting. It was not a relaxing trip to the library. The library is no place for hopping, and the librarians probably raised an eyebrow or two. But we managed to get some books to get us through the rest of the week, including a book about pugs for Quincy.
Every day after naptime, Daphne sings a song. It lasts until dinner time. I'm not kidding. She will make up the words and sing the same song for a couple hours straight. Jeff can tell you. The other day, she sang a song about balancing that rivaled in duration any Grateful Dead jam you could imagine. Right now she is singing, "Mom, you really need to play with me, yeah yeah, you should play with me, because it's fun and you should really do it..." and on and on and on. So, I am going to go play with Daphne now. Yeah yeah. Because it's fun. It really is.
Update: I just told Daphne I was done on the computer and she started a new verse to her song: "Hip hip hooray! Mom's gonna play! Yeah yeah yeah, with Quincy and me..." She's still singing. I better go.


Anne Bentley said...

I want that dress, too.

Kathy said...

That dress looks like one that my Mom would have wore. Just like it. You need to put that thing on! Where are these recordings of Daphne singing? :)

Tara said...

If I had that dress, I'd probably wear it every day.

Yesterday, Daphne sang the words "Monkey barrel," over and over for about five minutes straight. She was playing with a Barrel of Monkeys. But still. Anyway, I'll try to catch her singing sometime and get a video.

Gye Greene said...

"Monkey Barrel" will be the name of her platinum-selling band.

singing: My daughter does that, too -- although more like 5-10 mins, not all evening. Dance routine included. I really need to record a sample.

Great pic! I see the likeness...

Gye Greene said...

Also: I did not know they were called "panniers" -- I just call 'em "bicycle saddlebags".

You have an impressive vocabulary. :)


Tara said...

GG - I learned that word from Kev.