Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So, What's Been Going On Around Here...

Well, I am knitting again and that is a good thing. My friend Emily brought me this cool pouch when she came to visit, and I decided to use it this week to carry a small knitting project to do while Daphne is at "school." By school, I mean a little one week class called Under the Sea. For 45 minutes each day this week, I get to sit by myself while Daphne paints pictures of fish and glues feathers on paper duckies and so forth. If the facility didn't smell quite so much like a nursing home, I would really be enjoying myself. Daphne doesn't care about the smell. She is having a great time, and hopefully this is helping prepare her for preschool, which is just around the corner. I am knitting a scarf. For me. I like it so far.

Meanwhile, Jeff is visiting from Texas. He brought Daphne's birthday gift:
He got her an athletic bag with a helmet and bat (pictured) as well as a glove and some wiffle balls to practice with. She got very excited, and it was hard to get her to stop wearing the helmet when it was time to go to dinner. Jeff is sort of using our house as a home base while he travels around the area. At the moment, I think he is in Gettysburg. He's coming back here tomorrow. I cannot even imagine being so footloose and fancy free. But I know that time will come again for me, and when it does I will miss these days of having my constant sidekick. She is a lot of work, but she sure is cute.
This is the time of year for roadside stands:

and fresh blueberries to use in cakes:

And I learned to make my mom's spaghetti:

What a treat. Just like home.
Daphne is supposed to be napping, but I don't think it's gonna happen today. I hear an awful lot of noise up there. I am off to try to settle her down so I can take a quick nap myself. Going to school just wears me out.

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