Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hello there. Long time, no blog. I am writing to you from the calm between the storms. It has been non-stop action around here, and it's about to start again. But today, at least for the next couple of hours, I am stopping down for some blogging and American Idol DVR catch-up and general quiet time. Ah.

The picture above is of my grandma. I have been working with my dad to get ready for her 90th birthday party, which is in a few weeks. I've been scanning in pictures and my dad has been making them into a slide show, and I today I finished up the invitations which should hit the mail tomorrow. There is still a little more work to do to get ready, but now that the invitations are done, I can slow down a little. Yay!

Meanwhile, we had a big week last week when Mimi, Aunt Barbara, and Hunter the dog came for a visit. We packed a lot into a few days, including shopping, First Friday, a craft fair, dinner at the gas station Thai place, and a night out with Kev, thanks to our babysitter houseguests! Daphne had a great time following her buddy Hunter around all week, and she's a little lonely now that everyone is gone. I am just not exciting enough for her I guess.

Here we are headed to First Friday, where we saw Irish Dancers (Daphne was fascinated), Maddy Curtis (a great local singer who should have but didn't get through Hollywood week on American Idol), and a Celtic band complete with a piper. I LOVE BAGPIPES!

Here is Hunter. He is a good dog. Except when he gets on the couch without permission (thanks, Kim.) Daphne took this picture, and the self-portrait below, which has nothing to do with anything...I just like it.

I just love that little face.

Yesterday, it was Spring-y. So we went to a friend's house for a playdate and lunch. The food and company were great, and the girls had a blast playing OUTSIDE in the SUN. One of the girls took this picture below with Daphne's camera. The Peanut was too busy being OUTSIDE in the SUN to take pictures. It was great.

So, that's where I've been. Sorry, Mary, if you were worried about me! And don't worry if it's a while before I'm back again, as things are about to get crazy. Here is what happens the next several days:
  • Friday morning: play at a friend's house.
  • Friday evening: friends over here for dinner and housebanding
  • Saturday night - Mommy and Daphne date to see the Cinderella play with a bunch of kids and moms from school
  • Sunday afternoon - going to a birthday party
  • Thursday all day - SLP workshop (dread)
  • Thursday night - Circus (probably just Kev and Daphne. I'm scared of clowns.)
  • Friday morning - kids from school Disco party at a friend's house

In the middle of all that, there is bread to be baked, dinner to be cooked, 90th birthday parties to plan, a Peanut to care for, and the TIME CHANGE. How I hate the time change. Ben Franklin's worst idea.

So, it's mostly all good fun stuff, but I am tired just thinking about it. Some people I know are all about action. I am not so much. I am dreaming of one of those vacations Kev and I used to take where there was a whole lot of doing nothing but maybe canoeing around a lake, playing some dominoes, and cooking up a pot of corn chowder. Someday...

I'll be back when I can!

PS. There are some really good girls on AI this season, plus Andrew Garcia. It's about to finally start getting interesting...

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Gye Greene said...

Hunter looks like a sweetie of a dog. Looks like Snoopy; is he a beagle?

Bagpipes: Pretty high up on my "To Learn" list. When we were kids, we used to follow the bagpipe band along the sidewalk during the 4th of July parade.