Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carousels and Capes

Today is Thursday, and that means Rocknoceros at the mall. I wanted to take Daphne to see them last week, but her allergies kicked in and she wasn't up to it. So today, we made a day of it. We went early to play on the mall playground. It has "soft" equipment, so it's relatively safe, and it has an airport theme due to its proximity to Dulles. Daphne loves it. She can climb and climb on the planes, and I don't have to worry too much about injuries. Anyway, we were supposed to meet a friend from school, but a series of unfortunate events kept them from joining us, so we had some quality Mommy and Daphne time. Daphne even helped me pick out a shirt at H&M, loosely inspired by last week's Project Runway look from the great Mondo:

Mine has navy and white stripes, and is not as cute as this one. Nor will I wear it with a purple houndstooth skirt. But I like it. Speaking of fashion, yesterday I was thinking about capes. I saw this one at Anthropologie:
Isn't it cool? And then I started wondering if I am the sort of person who could wear a cape and pull it off, but I think you have to maybe be really tall and skinny to do it. I dunno. Anyway, I've been wanting to sew something, so I may go see if I can find a cape pattern and give it a try. If it doesn't work out, I can always pass it along to a tall skinny friend. Perhaps a purple houndstooth cape!? If only I could go to MOOD!

So, anyway, I'll get back to the mall. After the quick stop in H&M, we grabbed our spots for the Big Rock Show, next to the escalators, on the "Coach side." Daphne doesn't like to sit on the "WillieBob side." She is "shy to WillieBob" because of his long hair or something.
Kev came to meet us for a quick lunch in the foodcourt, and we ended our Thursday adventure as we usually do, with a ride on the carousel on Daphne's favorite horse, Brownie. Yes, That's right. My kid has a favorite mall carousel horse and she even named it. She gets very upset if someone else gets on Brownie before she can. Today, thankfully, that was not a problem.

After all that, I was exhausted, but Daphne did NOT take a nap. She is watching a movie at the moment.

I am going to go sit with her and read a magazine or possibly sneak a nap. Or maybe I'll cruise the internet for cape inspiration. Happy Thursday!

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Gye Greene said...

"Shy to Williebob" - that's a cute turn of phrase.

Sewing capes: Something like this?

(Heh! Daphne has red hair: Halloween costume?) ;)