Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Walk

Yesterday was Labor Day and I took Daphne for a walk while Kev did some stuff he needed to do.  Walking with Daphne can be challenging.  She has to stop a lot and pick up every rock, stick, leaf, etc. that she finds.  We bring a bucket.  It fills up fast.  Anyway, the secret to walking with Daphne is resigning yourself to going at her pace and just enjoying it that way.  So, we had fun.  We went downtown, bought some coffee at Shoes, pet some dogs, ran in the grass at the Town Green, played in the Children's Garden by the museum, and hung out by the trail.  We must have been gone for 2 hours.  Daphne took the picture above, which I posted because I think it's really cool.  Sometimes, she has a good eye for a little kid.

Last night, there was grilled meat and blueberry pie (which I did not make - it was from Wegman's and it was good), and in between the walk and the grilling, there was back-to-school shopping at the mall, which went about as well as can be expected.  Sunday, Daphne went to play with a friend while Kev and I saw The American, which was just OK.  Too many unanswered questions for me.  I like to know what gives. More than anything, it made me want to go to Italy.  And there were some cool knitted garments in the movie which I'm hoping to find patterns for.  Anyway, it was nice to go see a real movie in a theater with Kev.  We need to do it more often.

My dryer is still broken and we have houseguests coming Friday.  The first soccer game of the Fall season is Saturday, and school finally starts Monday.  Then, I am going to take a deep breath and start thinking about Christmas.  I can't wait.

Hope you all had a good weekend.  I am off to be crafty until naptime ends...


Gye Greene said...

Nifty that she collects interesting tidbits.

Great photo; would make a great album cover -- such as:



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