Friday, September 24, 2010

Having Fun, Wasting Time

This afternoon, I have been wasting my time playing with various photo effect web sites. You can do all sorts of things on line to make your pictures look all groovy and old school.

This first one is the original picture (above) with one of the many effects you can find on Rollip:
(Rollip is also where I made the super-saturated carousel picture in the post below.)

Next, I used wanokoto, which is very Japanese, to make "photos like over 100 to 150 years old:"

Next, here is a lomo effect from dumpr:
Dumpr has a lot of other effects too, as does Big Huge Labs, which is where I did Daphne's birthday photobooth pictures.

Finally, if you want a Polaroid effect, you can download "poladroid:"
Poladroid is REALLY fun and is a huge timewaster because you have to sit and wait for each image to develop in real polaroid time.

So, if you are like me and cannot afford Photoshop, there are plenty of free options out there, at least for making vintage style photos out of your digital images. Have fun. You're welcome.

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Gye Greene said...

Good stuff!

Although, any activity in which you're having fun and/or learning something: not a waste of time. :)