Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Mail

The other day, I was getting made fun of on Facebook for liking to check the mail too much.  It's true.  I love to check the mail.  I get mad when it's a holiday that stops the mail from coming.  Last year, there were a couple of days that WEATHER actually stopped the mail from coming.  I tried not to be too mad on those days.  There was three feet of snow after all.  But all I could think about was the little mailman oath about delivering the mail no matter what the weather.  Anyway, people don't understand why I love checking the mail so much. It's almost always a big let-down.  Bills, junk, ads...that's about all we ever get.  Be that as it may, there is always that little bit of hope that comes with checking the mail.  The small possibility that there will be something good...some kind of happy surprise, like a postcard or a magazine.  And sometimes there is.  And SOMETIMES, when you least expect it, you get something like I found waiting for me during Monday's mail check. 

My cool friend Shannon sent me a package full of surprises (above) including a photo album filled with old pictures of us having fun, delicious cookies, a book and some toy airplanes for Daphne, jelly beans, and my very favorite vanilla latte powdered drink mix (below) from California.  She sent it for my birthday, but it was completely unexpected since my birthday was over six weeks ago.

So, that is why I like checking the mail.  You just never know.
And I have decided that I am going to start sending more mail to people I like, probably starting with the people who made fun of me on Facebook.  So watch your mailbox, Larry Feathers!  You too, BPB.

It is a really rainy day today.  It's been kinda rainy and gray all week.  The kind of weather that makes me sleepy and unmotivated.  I don't feel like cleaning or cooking or even knitting.  I am sort of forcing myself to blog this blog.  I really just want to take a nap.  I made this loaf of bread yesterday and that was about all the effort I could muster up.  I am hoping to snap out of it soon because there is a lot I want to do this fall.  Perhaps next week's ANNUAL TRIP TO INDIANA will help.  Can't wait for that.

This morning, we waded across the street to play with our neighbor's kids.  Their mommy pulled out - get ready - a set of FASHION PLATES!  The real ones from the 70s that I had when I was a kid.  It was all I could do to keep from grabbing them away from the kids and going all Old School Project Runway on them.  This was the greatest toy.  I might even go so far and say it's better than Easy Bake Oven.  If anyone wants to get, I mean Daphne...a gift, they can be found on ebay for various prices. (Please don't be fooled by the later versions...only the ones from 1978 will do).

Speaking of Project Runway, it's Thursday.  So I better go get that nap or I'll never make it tonight.

P.S.  This morning, Daphne told me I was glowing.  I thought that was a very nice thing to say until she said what she meant was that I looked "kinda green."  Nice.


Anne Bentley said...

Haven't read this entire post, but FASHION PLATES! I'm coming over!

Tara said...

Anne - I KNOW!!! I couldn't believe it. We could pull a Seinfeld and take a giant box of wine and some turkey over to my neighbor's house and play with their toys after they go to sleep!

Gye Greene said...

Fashion plates: Even as a boy (i.e., a male), I thought the concept was pretty clever. (Did they have a superhero version? If not -- they should've!)

Checking the mail: I hear ya (although possibly not to the same extent). Probably explains my e-Bay obsession a few years ago: it's just fun to have a stream of stuff that you're expecting from the mail...

"The small possibility that there will be something good...some kind of happy surprise, like a postcard or a magazine." Reminded me of the lyrics to "Wells Fargo Wagon", from The Music Man (one of my favorite musicals!).
Lyrics here: