Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Excitement is Brewing in the Dining Room

Kev and our friend, Mr. Tim, are working on a hard apple cider brewing project. I will not pretend that I have any idea what is going on in that giant container, but when it is finished, I am going to enjoy tasting it. And there is another giant container doing something downstairs in the beer fridge, which I didn't even know about until a few minutes ago. (I try to avoid the basement - it is creepy down there). Who knows, maybe Kev and Mr. Tim will become Master Cider Brewers and be able to leave the world of engineering. That would be awesome.

I could never be a master brewer. I don't have the patience. It takes WAY too long. WEEKS! To go through all that work and wait weeks and weeks and then have the possibility it will fail and turn into vinegar! I couldn't take it, man. I can barely take a failed pie.

That being said, I am pretty confident that this batch of cider will turn out to be pretty good. I will keep you posted. But, you'll have to wait. And wait.

1 comment:

Gye Greene said...

Not a brewer: I guess that means no cheese-making, either?

(Oddly, I can totally see you making cheese.)