Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Old Coffee Shop

So, the old coffee shop, the Coffee Bean, closed a few months ago, and this week, a new one opened in its place. This place is about a block from my house, so it's a very good thing. Shoes, my favorite coffee shop, is about three blocks away, and it is where I will still go most of the time probably, because it is just cool, and it has sandwiches and pastries and dinner food etc. And a secret garden. But, Shoes is almost always crowded, and isn't really very kid-friendly, so the new place was perfect yesterday, when Daphne and I decided to go for a morning walk. We were the only ones there.
I got some beans and a cup of coffee, and Daphne got milk and a cookie. They have a kid's desk in there, with crayons and coloring books, and she was happy to sit and color while I read the paper and had my coffee. The coffee was good, the cookie was fresh from the oven, and the staff was very friendly. I wish them well. They don't have all the food and stuff that Shoes has, but I think she (Kimberly, the owner) is catering to a different crowd, so maybe she'll be OK. It's a tough time to start a business.

In other new business news, we went to the new BBQ place up the street last week for dinner and it was great. I had pulled pork and Kev had brisket, and we liked both a lot. The staff was really friendly - they all made friends with Daphne immediately. And it wasn't expensive. We will definitely be going there often.

I just found out about a new Tex-Mex / Salvadoran place that opened nearby. We passed it on our walk yesterday - it's hidden under Fireworks Pizza in an old Italian place that closed recently. I am excited to try it, even though I know it'll never be Gloria's. Oh, how I miss Gloria's. Anyway, restaurants are closing and opening like crazy around here. I hope the good ones make it. I am really hoping for a crepe place. My friend Matt had the idea for a crepe place called Planet of the Crepes. Genius. Maybe Kev can become a Master Cider Brewer and I can become a Crepe Chef. One can dream. to skim through my library books. Today was the first day I dropped off Daphne at school and had alone-time, but I had to go to the grocery store, so there was no time for coffee and yarn. I did make a quick trip to the library before pick-up though, so at least that's something. Coffee on Friday, perhaps.


Gye Greene said...

Dig the "Planet of the Crepes" concept. ("Crepes of Wrath"?)

That would be **soo** cool to have a coffee shop just a block away (or even three blocks away!). Sounds like you guys chose a good spot to livedegie.


Christina said...

I love that crepe name idea too! As for the coffee shop name change, I thought something was different when I drove by recently. My first thought was, "Where did the 'Coffee Bean' go? Oh, I must have missed it when I drove by." Anyway, it looks like you had a lot of fun!

Let me know how that new Tex Mex/El Salvadorean place is!