Saturday, September 04, 2010


Today, we went to Maryland with our friends to visit an apple orchard and distillery. It was the grand opening.
Blue skies, white puffy clouds, a nice breeze (thank you, Earl). Daphne fed apples to cows, befriended the farm dog, and played with her friends, Kev learned about making hard cider, and I sat on a bale of hay and ate a delicious cajun catfish sandwich and fresh ice cream from a neighboring farm. Then, I bought a skein of pink/red/orange loopy mohair from another neighboring farm. Daphne will be getting a handknit poncho. Eventually.
Who knew you could have such a good day in Maryland? Thanks, Tim and Suzanne.

In other good news, I got to see Albert the dog yesterday and he is doing great. A new coffee shop is opening up a block north of my house, and a new barbeque place just opened a block south. We sampled some last night at First Friday and it was GOOD. Fall is off to a good start.

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