Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good Times

Life is so much better when it's not summer.  This is me, yesterday, on a boat in the middle of the Potomac wearing my new Anthropologie hat.  Kev's parents came to visit and we took a river cruise from Alexandria to Georgetown (which is where I originally got my hat!) and back.  It was great.  Delightfully cool, a nice sunset, a well-behaved Daphne, and all that makes for a very happy me.  I love being on the water.  (Not to be confused with being IN the water.  I don't like that at all. )  All my stress just disappears.
We had a nice weekend with Kev's mom and dad.  There was schnitzle and spaetzel (again - at Kev's request), and more homemade ice cream (cookies and cream), Daphne's first soccer game of the fall season (she scored a goal in the scrimmage!), the river cruise, and family band time.  They headed back to NY a little while ago, Daphne is napping, Kev is making hard apple cider with our friend Tim (exciting!), and I am blogging.  School starts tomorrow (at last!).  I am feeling cautiously optimistic about my groove.  We'll see.

Things to look forward to:
  • A little more free time
  • Trip to Indiana and all that goes along with that
  • Various Fall fests
  • Three more dates with Kev
  • Soup!
  • Pie!
  • Having a fixed dryer (this week, perhaps)
  • Wearing my new purple coat
  • The Halloween parade (will the camel be there?!)
  • Knitting something
OK...gotta go wake up Daphne or bedtime will be a disaster.   Not good for the groove.

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Gye Greene said...

Boat rides: For a few months I worked at a job near a river, where a lot of people took the person-ferry (as opposed to a car-ferry) to and from work (parking was cheaper on the other side).

A soothing way to begin, and end, a workday.