Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cider House Rules

So, the cider-making is in full swing around here.  Things seem to be going well.  What I have tasted is pretty good, especially for first timers, so it's kind of exciting.  Time to start thinking up names, I reckon...

Meanwhile, the dryer was finally fixed on Monday.  I am through with Sears.  Finished! Terrible customer service.

Yesterday, Daphne and I went to Manassas and went to lunch and the ice cream stand with G-Ma.  It was fun.  We got to spend some time with Albert, who seems to be doing well. 

Over the weekend, we tried the new Mexican/Salvadorean place (Los Tios).  Kev's food was great, and mine wasn't very good, but that was my fault.  Here is the problem:  I don't like tomatoes, onions, pico, avacado, etc...all the things they put into almost all Mexican dishes.  But I also don't like to special order everything and feel like a complete dork (Uh...I'll just have some meat and cheese please).  So I try to order what looks like the most plain and bland thing on the menu, and this time I struck out.  My plate was full of onions that I couldn't avoid as much as I tried, and I was too embarrassed to send it back.  But like I said, I had some of Kev's steak and shrimp, and it was great.  I also swiped some of Daphne's plantains which were delicious.  And the dessert was awesome, although Kev and I both had sleep problems after eating it.  He was awake at 2 am and couldn't go back to sleep. The up side is that while he was awake, he invented a whole bunch of new kinds of pie!  I will ask if I can blog the list.  Perhaps some of them will actually get made this fall.   I, on the other hand, slept all night, but had a long series of very stressful dreams involving lost backpacks, New York City, tigers and gorillas, my friend Bryce, and Angela Lansbury.  So, I recommend Los Tios, but not late at night.  Oh, and the service was good too...very friendly staff, especially when Daphne tried out her Spanish vocabulary.  They loved it.

We worked on trying to plan out our Fall Activity Schedule.  So much to do, and almost no time.  Soccer is really shooting the wheels off our weekends, and we have a couple of trips planned, so we're not going to be able to do everything we want to do locally this year.  That's OK, though.  There is such a thing as Too Much Fun.  I am cool with a little downtime.  And although soccer is kind of a pain, Daphne seems to be really enjoying it, and she's pretty good at it.  And I think Kev likes coaching.  So I don't mind it, really.

School is off to a good start, and the swimming on Wednesday's is going really well so far.  Especially after Daphne practically threatened to quit school if I made her go anywhere near the water.  She's been twice now, and she loves it.  She gets right in the pool with the other kids and has a smile on her face the whole time.  So, thank you Miss Janeane!  You are awesome.

OK.  I am going to go now and watch a cooking show or something where I don't have to use my brain for at least an hour.

Tomorrow, Rocknoceros.  Dude.

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Gye Greene said...

I don't think I've **ever** had a dream featuring Angela Lansbury.

Restaurant food: That's what spouses are for: the Ye Olde foode swappe. I'm guessing Kevin is more omnivorous than you, and willing to eat just about anything?

Good luck on the whole cider thing! ("Paolo Pinto House Pants House Cider"? The merchandising tie-in opportunities are ENDLESS...!) ;)