Thursday, December 02, 2010

Day Two

So far, the countdown is going pretty well. Daphne enjoyed the hot chocolate last night.
Especially the marshmallow.
And Kev and I enjoyed the Vince Guaraldi.

And tonight after dinner, she opened Bag #2.

It contained a little Christmas game from the Dollar Tree, and it was worth every penny. Well, maybe not EVERY penny. It was a pretty cheesy little game. But the Peanut enjoyed it, and there was family time, so mission accomplished.

She looks forward to opening the bag all day, and tries to guess what's inside. How long until the novelty wears off, I wonder? Will this get old, or continue to be fun for 22 more days? Time will tell.

Tomorrow's bag contains a note which tells us to bundle up and go downtown for the Ceremonial Lighting of the Leesburg Town Christmas Tree and Menorah. It is going to be cold. But there will be singing and hot chocolate, and I am looking forward to it. Bring on Day Three!

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Anne Bentley said...

"How long until the novelty wears off." I speak from experience--in a few years the novelty will wear off for YOU! Haha--it looks fun, though :)