Saturday, December 04, 2010

Three and Four

Day Three, and as I said, the bag contained a note telling us to go downtown for the tree-lighting. Daphne was CLEARLY disappointed that there was nothing but a note in the bag. However, after receiving a free cookie from Lola (above) and free hot chocolate with marshmallows (below), she changed her tune.

We strolled around town, enjoyed our free treats, and finally, after someone from the town council led the crowd in an unfortunate rendition of Jingle Bells that was in a key way too high for the masses, the tree was lit!


Then we made our way back home via the bank, which always hosts good music on First Fridays. This time, it was a singing group that was carolling fabulously. I will post a short video so you can hear them. I could have listened to them all night.

Before the unveiling of Bag #4 tonight, there was shrimp bisque:
Kev and I, who are showing greatly improved kitchen teamwork skills, collaborated on this recipe from my Williams Sonoma "Soup" cookbook. Williams Sonoma cookbooks never let me down. It was delicious. Daphne even liked it. We let her put in the shrimps and whip the cream, and that did the trick. IF THEY COOK IT, THEY WILL EAT IT. Works every time.

In tonight's bag, there were ornaments to color. It was a hit. Tomorrow, they will go on the tree, because Day Five is Decorate the Tree Day. Looking forward to that. The Christmas tree brings the living room to life.

Tomorrow is also Daphne's "half-birthday." She doesn't know it yet, but she is getting a cupcake. And we get to go to the diner for breakfast. I like Day Five.

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Gye Greene said...

Half B-Day: That's really neat-o.