Monday, December 20, 2010

Hey Nineteen

Yesterday, we went to meet my parents and Jeff at P. F. Chang to celebrate Jeff's and Kev's birthdays.  Then we went to their house for two kinds of Birthday pie.  Yum.  Then, we opened Bag 19, which was "Go see the Christmas Lights."  There is a big regional park near Manassas that has an annual Festival of Lights drive-though kind of a thing, so I (cleverly!) planned the bag to coincide with our visit.

The Festival of Lights, which I have been wanting to see since we moved here, was a little disappointing, I have to admit.  Especially for the 20 bucks it cost (per car) to get in.  But Daphne liked it a lot, and it WAS pretty cool.  I think I just had my expectations set too high.  It was definitely nice to do a Christmas activity with my parents, though.  AND everyone was on good behavior.  So, Bag 19 was a success.

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Gye Greene said...

re "Hey 19" -- Grooveshark the song "Hey, Jealousy". A good song.