Saturday, December 18, 2010

Eighteen Rocks

Bag 18 held (drumroll, please)...

Tickets to the Rocknoceros Holiday Show!

We opened it first thing in the morning. Well, after Daphne had enough time to put her antlers on and brush her teeth. The show started at 10:30, and was opened by a barbershop quartet featuring Coach Cotton's dad:

They were great, but the little kids in the crowd weren't really into the whole barbershop scene, so they were glad when Rocknoceros finally took the stage:

I only took one picture. It is blurry as you can see. Coach lost his voice, so WillieBob and Boogie Benny handled things, and did a fine job. Daphne sang along and player her shaker, but wouldn't stand up in the front with the other kids. As usual. Oh well.

We met our friends there and went to lunch with them at a really great Greek place in Vienna called Plaka. Then we stopped at the Container Store on the way home. Even after all that, Daphne ONCE AGAIN took no nap, but luckily tonight's dinner pleased her highness and all went well. After she went to bed, I got all of her gifts wrapped. And now I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is another big day. Stay tuned for Bag 19.

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