Sunday, December 12, 2010

Half-Way There

Day Twelve, and the paperwhites have started to bloom.

We opened Bag 12 before dinner so Daphne would have something to look forward to. The note in the bag said "Family Movie Night" and there was a special package containing:

After we ate (Guinness stew!), Daphne waited on the couch for me to clean the dishes and Kev to finish something upstairs. He came down and started to make popcorn, and I went into the TV room and this is what I saw:

Poor kid. Sound asleep at 6:30 (she didn't take a nap), with a hat and a backpack on. We thought about taking her on up to bed, but we woke her up and watched the movie. Tomorrow when it's time to get up for school, we will find out if that was a bad decision. I love "Elf." Now, it REALLY feels like Christmas.

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Why the backpack?