Tuesday, June 10, 2014

And Finally - The Lemonade Stand

I think this is my last Spring Catch-Up post!  Woohoo!

On Saturday, Daphne had a friend here for a sleep-over, and they wanted to have a lemonade stand on Sunday.  So have a lemonade stand they did.

We got a new juicing device this time.  I don't think Kev could face another lemonade stand with the hand-juicer.  Which is GREAT if you're squeezing 1 or 2 lemons, but not if you're squeezing 30.

We made the simple syrup a day ahead, and on Sunday, we mixed it up and let the girls do their best to sell it.  

They were pros!

They took turns with the megaphone.

"Get your ICE COLD LEMONADE!  Freshly squeezed!  
Some of the money will go to the animal shelter!

They made $37 dollars, and sold all but half a pitcher of lemonade.  

A very good way to end Spring and start Summer.

Bring it on.

Update complete.  House more or less tidy.  I think I'll have some lemonade.

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jilly donuts said...

Love these pictures.