Monday, June 09, 2014

Spring Catch-Up - Work

Ah...I feel better.  I had some lunch and tidied up the TV room so that I can sit in there and knit without being stressed out quite as much by the clutter.  

And, speaking of knitting, I guess this would be a good time to talk about work.  Because, this spring, I have spent a lot of time either teaching or working at the Finch.  It is seriously the best job ever.

Sometimes, I have a sidekick:

Sometimes, I have the whole place all to myself:

And sometimes, I am there, knitting with people I like:

Someday, I will actually finish this project.  It's still not done, even though I've finished teaching the class.

I have new classes coming up this summer.


A sweater:

And one kids' class:  Screen-printing!

I am so excited about all of these classes and projects.  I am really lucky that I ended up getting to work at my favorite place in town.  

Now...what to clean next?  I am totally on a roll!

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