Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day

Kev got home Friday night, in time for a really awesome Father's Day weekend that included a bike ride to the park for a picnic, frisbee, and track-ball, a movie at the Alamo, lots of porch time, family band time, gifts, and some really good food.

Saturday night, we made scallops with butternut squash puree, balsamic roasted asparagus, and ricotta crostini.  Because we are fancy like that.

Daphne gave him a book of coupons for things like a free trip to the waterpark, five homemade sandwiches, breakfast in bed, and two weeks worth of watering the garden.

We used our new juicer to make some fresh-squeezed OJ, and we had a big Father's Day breakfast on Sunday.  

For the record, it is cheaper to squeeze your own juice than to by freshly squeezed Wegman's juice.  But not by much.

So, Happy Father's Day to Kev and to my dad, who are both really good dads and deserve to have a least one day that's all about them.

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