Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spring Catch-Up - Girl Scouts

Today, I am stuck in the house because my car is at the dealership for a tune-up.  Nothing to do but continue to clean and blog.  This is the last Tuesday of school, but I'm not going to panic.  I am determined to enjoy summer.  

Even though we had our last official troop meeting a couple of weeks ago, Girl Scouts is still not quite over.  On Saturday, the girls got together to swim and make ice cream sundaes, which was really fun.

They gave Jill, Michelle, and I each a mug with our painting on it...so cool.  

On Friday, they are presenting the school with a big canvas copy of the painting, and then we have a trip to the fire station planned near the end of the month.  Then, I think we're DONE done. Until September.  I love Girl Scouts, but I could use a little break.  Just a little one.

OK, heading upstairs to tackle the office.  Woo-hoo!

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