Monday, June 09, 2014

Spring Catch-Up - Food

After all this Spring Busy-ness, not only am I behind on blogging, but my house is also a disaster.  So, I decided that this is how it's gonna go: 

Clean a room, blog a blog, clean a room, blog a blog, and so on until the house is clean and I am all caught up on here.  I just cleaned the kitchen, so it seems appropriate to post about food.  

This spring, there has been a lot of grilling, including corn (above) and fish for tacos (below).

There have been opportunities to use things from the garden, including the sage below, which we fried and put on some butternut squash raviolis from Wegmans.

There have been MANY visits to the farmer's market, where my favorites are local goat cheese, maple syrup from Purcellville (who knew?!), honey greek yogurt from a local dairy, and donuts the size of your head:

I got this awesome cookbook at the library and used farmers market eggs in a recipe in there for oeuf cocotte, which is basically a baked egg with whatever "mix-ins" you want (this had the farmers market goat cheese and some tarragon from the garden).

You can't have May without strawberry shortcake.

Mimi came to visit and showed us how to make monkey bread.

These are called Disco Fries (below).  They are from the Churchkey in NW D.C.  Crispy fries, covered in melty cheese and sausage gravy.  Awesomeness in a bowl.  Plain evil, but so so good.

While in DC, we also went to a tapas place called Estadio, where we got "pistachio encrusted quince, manchego, and chorizo" on a skewer.  A very weird combo, but surprisingly delicious, so later in the week, I made them at home.  My skewers have penguins.  Next time I get invited to a party, I am taking  these.

Finally, I decided to actually MAKE something that I pinned, so I went with this - good bread, brushed with olive oil and rubbed with garlic and toasted in the oven, then topped with mashed avocado, thinly sliced manchego, and crispy prosciutto.  So good. 

If I ever catch up on THIS blog, I will add some of the recipes for these things to the food blog, which is sadly neglected.

Now I'm hungry.  

Off to clean another room so I can blog another blog, but maybe I'll have an early lunch first...

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