Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scenes from Summer - Week 1

Summer is off to a big start.  Beans and peas are going crazy in the garden.

There has been more knitting than usual.

I decided that I should take advantage of the tart cherries at the farmer's market and make a pie.

I went to Wolf Trap with a friend to see the GREAT Hall (and Oates).

I got this cool shirt which I wore proudly all over town the next day.  Even though SOMEbody teased me about letting my Freak Flag fly.  I don't care.  I knit.  I count birds.  I watch Star Trak.  And I like Hall and Oates.  

Daphne, on the other hand, helps set World Records (for being part of the World's Largest Swimming Lesson), and is friends with the Mayor.

And we went to the Fire Station for a rock star tour, including a ride in the truck and a trip to the sky in the ladder bucket.

And we've also been watching a lot of soccer.

There have been two unbearably hot days, but otherwise, it's been pleasant outside.  Daphne and I are reading Harry Potter, which makes me happy.  And today, we are going to see Dan Zanes at a theater in the woods.  Summer ain't bad.

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