Monday, June 09, 2014

Spring Catch-Up - Visitors

Well, the whole downstairs is now in pretty good shape.  A definite improvement.  And not only have I accomplished the Big Tidy-Up, but I have also caught up on a few other things - making appointments, responding to emails, updating my calendar, etc.

So, back to the blog!

We've had lots of visitors this spring.  Jeff was here in April, and in May, Kev's mom and dad came to spend Memorial Day weekend.  We went to Magnolia's for dinner (above) (shrimp and grits!).  And I don't know what was happening below, but it looks like fun.  (Thanks to Papa for the pictures!)

Kev and his dad played guitars and did some recording, and Mimi and I took Daphne shopping for some new summer clothes.

The next weekend, my parents came to visit and celebrate somebody's upcoming birthday (more on that later)!

It's always fun to have visitors, and always hard when they have to go.  

Both weekends were really nice weather-wise, and there was a lot of sitting on the porch.  Sitting on the porch is one of the best things about the spring, and it has been happening a lot lately.  Definitely seems like more than last year. 

So, hooray for houseguests and porches!

One quick funny thing.  My dad had these Nikes that he wore the whole time he was here.  They sqeaked.  With every single step.  It was like Squidward was here, walking around...squeak squeak squeak.  Finally, I googled something like "new nike shoes squeak" and I'll be damned if a youTube video didn't turn up with a way to fix it.  All it took was a little Gold Bond Powder up under the insole, and the squeak was gone.  The internet is awesome.

OK...more catching up coming soon, but now it's time for the bus.  Four more days of school.

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