Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spring Catch-Up - Blue Mason Jar Trifecta

The office is cleaned up, and there is laundry happening.  More calendar updating has been done, and appointments re-arranged, and I have everything ready for visits to 2 different banks.  Won't get the car back until probably at least 5:00, though, so the banks may have to wait until tomorrow.  Still, progress is being made.  I will be ready for summer by Friday.

This spring, I have been using my blue mason jars that my friend Jill gave me for my birthday last year.  I love them.  I got a special mason jar lid with a slit in it, and replaced my Nantucket jar.  My Nantucket fund is now up to $90!  And just in time, too, because we're probably going to spend a day there this summer.  I think $90 ought to pay for a nice meal.  Perhaps, LOBSTER.

Another jar was used as a vase for roses from the back yard.  I couldn't bring the peonies inside because of the ants, but the roses are another story.  So pretty on the dining room table.

And this jar is for iced coffee, which is always a nice treat while I'm waiting for the bus to drop off Daphne after school.

This vase is NOT a blue mason jar.  It is a wine bottle which we cut with my kinkajou glass cutter tool.  I love my kinkajou, but it can be frustrating.  Our bottle cutting success rate is not what I'd like it to be.  I guess we just need more practice.  Anyway, this bottle looked pretty on the porch with the peonies.  It's a shame we couldn't bring them inside.  I hate ants.

So, thanks, Jill, for the blue mason jars.  They have been creating lift at Casa Holt.  

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jilly donuts said...

So glad! They look so pretty with white flowers (and milky white coffee) in them. Peonies are my favorite flower.