Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jazz in the Evening and Rock in the Morn

Last night, after dinner, Kev suggested a stroll. So, we strolled. On the way back home, we happened to walk past the King's Court Tavern (home of GREAT fish and chips), and noticed that Al and the Arcadians (above - photo from the Loudoun Times) were setting up. So, we decided to go in for a while and get a little dose of New Orleans. There were six guys in the group, and I'll betcha their collective age was pushing 550. But they were great. And Daphne loved it. They play Dixieland Jazz like nobody's business. Kev said this is what he wants to do when he's old. I am all in favor of that, but he better get to work. He hasn't played his trumpet in months, and I don't think he's gonna get very far on Pop Goes the Weasel.

This morning, Daphne and I met a neighbor and her kids at Jammin Java, a really cool coffee shop in Vienna, to see Rocknoceros (above). Rocknoceros (not to be confused with the Rhyme-noceros and the Hip-hop-opotomus) is really big with the hip toddler set of Northern Virginia. And they really were a lot of fun. They are a little like They Might Be Giants, so their music is catchy and kid-oriented, but adult-friendly enough to sit through and enjoy. Daphne was a little hesitant, and didn't join the throng of dancing kids at the front of the stage, but she did clap and dance in her seat, and at the end of the show, she met the singer ("Coach" - the guy on the left) and gave him five. I think next time she'll feel more comfortable and have a little more fun. Anyway, it's a really cool thing for kids, and they play there every Wednesday morning. It's hard to beat coffee and rock on a Wednesday morning. Tons better than storytime at the library.
Jammin Java, by the way, has real grown-up shows in the evenings, and I am excited to say that the Asylum Street Spankers, one of our favorite bands from Texas, are playing there sometime in May.
Tomorrow we are just staying home to do laundry, so it is going to be a real let-down. I'll guess have to get out my melodica and make up some Doin' the Laundy polkas.


Gye Greene said...

I like Dixieland jazz better than "regular" jazz.

The regularly-scheduled Roknocerous sounds like a great resource for parents and kidlets alike!


fooiemcgoo said...


regarding your coffee post below, can you make things like Lattes with that gear? if so, i might be making an investment here soon.