Thursday, March 19, 2009

Number Three

Goat cheese is definitely a Thing That Makes Me Happy. It is so creamy and delicious. If you have an especially good recipe using goat cheese as an ingredient, please pass it my way. I am always looking for new ways to use it. This particular goat cheese came from Trader Joe's, which also makes me happy. Every time I go to there, I find some kind of new good thing. Like yesterday, I was there and saw among the soups a small container of Trader Joe's Lobster Bisque. So, we had it as part of our dinner last night, and it was great. They also have awesome chocolate chip cookies. But here's something weird. Yesterday, I got some milk at Trader Joe's. I usually buy Horizon Organic 2% milk, but this time I got the Trader's Joe's brand (also organic 2%). And for some reason, it won't froth! This morning when I made my daily latte, I went to froth my milk as usual, and the bubbles just disappeared! A quick internet search told me I am not the only one who can't get Trader Joe's milk to froth, so this made me feel better. But I couldn't find a reason WHY. If you know any dairy farmers, please ask them. Speaking of dairy farmers, I am on the lookout for local fresh cream next time I go to the farmer's market because I have some pretty big butter-making plans. I'll keep you posted on all that.

Yesterday started off with extremely dense fog, but when it lifted, we were left with a beautiful sunny and warm day. Daphne and I met some friends down in Herndon at Frying Pan Farm for a playdate. It's a cute little farm with a playground and farm animals, and it's free. The kids got filthy and had a great time, and I enjoyed seeing all the baby animals. There were lambs and calves and piglets. So dang cute.

On the way home from the farm, Daphne got really sneezy. She seems better today, but she was pretty pitiful yesterday. It is not clear whether this is allergies or sickness. I sure hope she isn't going to be allergic to springtime in Virginia. That would be really really bad.
Anyway, I better get on with my day. I think I will have a bagel with delicious goat cheese to go along with my froth-free latte....

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