Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Second One

Here is another Thing That Makes Me Happy: My coffee-making ensemble. From left to right, it includes a large french press, a small french press, a milk-frother, decaf beans, regular beans (for Kev and guests), and grinder, and in front is my favorite coffee cup (a Christmas gift from Kev). This may seem elaborate, but it's really very simple, and it all gets used first thing every single day. I drink coffee because I love it. Not for the caffeine jolt. I have been officially decafinated for at least 6 months, probably more. I can't remember when I quit, but I had to because I was having terrible caffeine-related headaches.
A really good side effect of having all this coffee-making stuff is that I don't go out and spend money at the coffee shop. Every little money-saving bit helps in these difficult times. Not that I was going to Starbucks every day like many people seem to do, but I did get a fancy coffee once a week or so back when I was in Texas.
Perhaps I'll do a blog about "things I am doing to try to save money in these difficult times."
But now, I should go watch Charlie and Lola with Daphne. She is very grumpy because she has decided she doesn't like "Patrick's Day." First, I tried to be all fun and make her milk green in the cheerios this morning. Total failure. "I don't like green milk, Mommy." "But you've never had green milk, Peanut." "When I was at Lauren's house, when those teenagers were there, and you and daddy went to that grown-up party, there was green milk and I tried it and I didn't like it." OK, fair enough. So, I failed at being fun AND at being original. Next, after bath time, I almost caused a major meltdown trying to get her to put on a green shirt. It has butterflies on it. Daphne doesn't like butterflies. Why? They are "too exciting." I finally told her she was going to get pinched if she didn't wear the shirt, so she put it on but has been pouting ever since, sitting on the kitchen floor with her arms crossed saying, "I don't like Patrick's day." I feel kinda bad, but it looks really pretty on her with her orange hair and all.
Sigh. I wish it was Lantern Day instead.

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Gye Greene said...

Butterflies: "too exciting". never heard that one before -- but makes sense.

Coffee: it's not the caffeine fix, it's the ritual, right? :)