Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day - It's Good for Mommies Too!

Well, it's Monday. And even though our weekend was full of activity, I am neither beaten down nor exhausted. THAT is the sign of someone who just might be getting her groove back!

Part of that is probably due to the fact that I had a lot of Time to Myself this weekend. I am so very rarely alone in the house, so when it happens, it is a pretty big deal.

Friday evening, I got a short break while Kev took Daphne to try out her bike on the W&OD. I spent the entire time collapsed on the couch. It was great.

Saturday, the two of them went to the water park at the local
rec center. I spent that time doing some much-needed tidying up. For some reason, I can get a lot more done when no one else is around. Hmmm.

And last night, Daphne spent the night with G-Ma, G-Pa, and Uncle Jeff, so this morning I went out for a walk and breakfast, and then came home and completely re-organized Daphne's room before it was time to go pick her up. Aaaah.

In addition to all this alone time, I got to have Kev-time, small family time, big family time, and friends-from-afar time.

On Saturday afternoon, my friend from college, Jodi, and her family, made a brief detour to our house on their way from Atlanta to Vermont - a little rest stop. I have not seen Jodi and Steve for many many years, and I had never met their three kids. It was so great to see them...just as if no time had passed at all.

Saturday night, after they left, we had family movie night and watched The Jungle Book. Then Sunday morning, we had a very nice little Father's Day party. Kev's loot is pictured below. Polka music, beer, nuts, pictures, a frame and card from Daphne, and a case of records. Not bad. And the best thing of all was Daphne's very good behavior.

For lunch, we went to Manassas, where we were treated to a delicious Father's Day brisket, baked beans, and homemade mac and cheese. My dad got a new video camera, and Kev got a couple of nice juicy steaks from my family's "meat guy." We left Daphne there, and later that evening, went out for Date Number Two of my six-date Mother's Day gift: dinner and dessert at the Wine Kitchen. It was really good and very relaxing. It's so nice to get a chance to spend time with Kev, eating at a liesurely pace, and having real conversations. Thanks, Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Jeff!
Daphne is home now and I'm glad. We miss her when she's gone. She's asleep, and I'm trying to get this blogging done before she wakes up.

I have a lot to say about finishing my library book, and my new groove, and my potential summer plan of action (currently in development), but that will all have to wait. Part of my plan, I will tell you now, is less computer time. So with that, I'm off to participate in the real world for a little while.

Happy Father's Day to the two best dad's I know! You know who you are.


Christina said...

What a fun weekend, Tara! BTW, I recognize that picture frame. Linnea ended making a similar one for her daddy. Did they give you glass for the frame or just a plastic covering for the photo? I just got a sheet of plastic, which kinda annoys me.

On a different note, this weekend is our anniversary and Wade and I are taking a clue from you guys by having Linnea spend the weekend with her aunt in Herndon. We're thinking about enjoying some of the local fare in Leesburg, but I wanted to get suggestions from you (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc).

I guess you can send me a separate email, if you want. Thank you!


Gye Greene said...

Hey -- sounds like a GOOD weekend! :)

Love my children - but I **am** looking forward to when they're old enough to hand them off for a day.

I think it's been a year since I've seen a movie in a movie theatre. Before that, it was two year prior.


Gye Greene said...

Sorry: What's a "W&OD"?


Tara said...

GG - Get a sitter and see a movie!!! You'll be glad you did.

W&OD is the bike trail: