Thursday, January 02, 2014

Christmas (Eve)

Back to Christmas.  Or Christmas Eve, I guess.  Because Santa came a day early to our house, and on Christmas Eve morning, Daphne looked like this (above) because she saw this (below) when she came downstairs.  Quite a nice little pile.  A few gifts from Mommy and Daddy, and a few from Santa, including one in doggy paper, especially for Quincy.

Daphne got some books, Scrabble, a Crayola Melt and Mold Factory that she wished and wished for, and a Magic 8 Ball.  No big stuffed dog from Santa, though, which is what she asked for in her letter.

She DID get a nice little note from Santa, who ate almost ALL of the cookies we left!  He must have been hungry!  I guess he doesn't get as many cookies on the practice run.

But, it turned out that the REAL surprises were upstairs in the attic.  Remember the teepee we set up the night before?

 Daphne was SO excited when she saw it.  But we were ALL surprised that in the morning, things had changed!  You may notice some little white feet inside the teepee that weren't there before.

What is that black and white furry thing in the background, behind Daphne?

It's the newest addition to Daphne's family of stuffed dogs!  Meet "Dasher" the Border Collie. Thank you, Santa Claus!

Kev and I were just as surprised to see him as Daphne was.  That Santa sure is a sneaky fellow!  And Dasher, being a Border Collie, had herded all the other dogs into a circle.

Daphne was one happy and excited little girl.  And, she got to spend the night in a teepee that night.  Pretty cool.  I love Christmas magic.

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