Sunday, January 26, 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes...

On Thursday, things got pretty dicey.  It was our 4th day off from school, and everyone was cranky.  Kev went back to work, but Daphne and I stayed home and faced the snow day.  Things were OK at first.  There was teepee time, and Free Willy (Spoiler Alert: Willy goes free at the end!), but at some point after all that I became the Most Terrible Mom EVER because I asked Daphne to wait five minutes for me to help her change the batteries in her DS.  I am SO mean!  Anyway, after about 30 minutes of stomping and yelling and so forth, peace was made.  The next day, I got the card and bracelet above, which was a promising start to our fifth (and hopefully FINAL) snow day.

We decided that it would be good to actually get out of the house on Friday, so I took Daphne to the Art Station to paint some artwork for her bedroom.  She did a nice painting of an owl:

While she was painting, I got to sit and knit, which was nice for me.  And we also got to go to lunch at the coffee shop next door, the Bean Bar.  The Bean Bar is cute and has good food, plus this tip jar, which I think is funny.  Nicolas Cage is terrible.

After lunch, we hit the grocery store, which was without incident.  A delightful day.  And a VERY nice change from the day before.

Yesterday was Saturday, and we cleaned.  Kev is awesome because he went out to pick up a few things at Wegmans that I forgot due to poor planning.  There was mushroom and barley soup and some knitting time once the chores were done.  I love it when the chores are done.

Yesterday was also my dad's birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad!  Another family birthday that I have to miss.  I hope they put a piece of cake in the freezer for me.

It's Sunday now, and there will be french toast for breakfast, and a roasted chicken and vegetables this afternoon, and Kev picked up some surprise gelato for tonight.  If we can stay awake, episode 2 of season 3 of Sherlock is also tonight.  And we will of course be waiting for a call from Wayde.  School, or no school?  That is the question.  

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Gye Greene said...

Poor Nicholas Cage! :( A co-worker also doesn't like him. I don't have a problem with him. ;)

A lovely note from Daphne. Looks like Americans **and** Australians love their rubber band looms...